Fuck Yeah Stupid Little Fat People

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So I may have mentioned before that I kill computers. It’s never the same cause twice - once it was the fan was just dead. Once the hard drive just stopped. Once the casing just started falling apart. Last time it started just shutting down randomly. 

This time it seems to be a combination of all of the above. This computer is making a truly worrying noise, the hinge is breaking and it overheats to the point of turning itself off. 

Obviously this is not ideal for someone who makes their money on the computer. I can currently afford to buy a new computer, but it cuts deeply into my cushion for if I cannot find other (more full time) work. 

So! If you, or someone you know would like to commission me, now would be a great time.

Please go ahead and fill out this form, or, if you need more information, drop me a line at jai.mccubbin@gmail.com

Further examples of my work can be found on my deviantArt page.

(All prices in GBP.)